Holidays are funny things. Up until the last few moments before we set off to the airport, it’s all lettuce leaves, fifteen mile runs and  seven gallons of water an hour. Yet as soon as we’ve gone through customs, we all seem to go hell for leather on the beer and burgers,… View Post

First thing’s first, let me apologise for going a bit AWOL over the past few weeks. Between finishing uni, visiting London and then going on holiday, my organisational skills have been a bit (note: very) crappy, and my poor blog has suffered as a result of this. But fear not, friends,… View Post

What happens when you take a load of bloggers, shove them in a brand, spanking new bar and give them a shit-tonne of Bacardi-based beverages? They have a cracking time, of course. A Revolución de Cuba restaurant seems to pop up somewhere different in the country every day. I’ve visited the Leeds branch… View Post