Culture: New Beginnings Art Festival

Ahh, Spring. The season when the sun rears it’s head for five minutes and we panic buy eighteen pairs of sandals, only to realise that our good weather allowance has been used up and we’re plunged back into the cold and rain for another two months.

While I have to admit that I can’t wait for Summer to arrive (look, I didn’t swap my entire winter wardrobe over for nothing), there are still plenty of fun things to do while we wait for the warmer weather. And – crucially – they happen to be indoors.

Now, I’ll be honest with you: I don’t really get ‘art’. When my boyfriend and I ended up in Tate Modern a few months ago, we were unimpressed by a Sainsburys receipt that claimed to be an exhibit. After passing a giant yellow triangle (that looked suspiciously similar to a doorstop I made in Year 8 CDT), we gave up trying to be cultured and trudged to the nearest cafe instead.

However, if you pop down to The Chelsea Theatre at World’s End next week, you’ll be in for a totally different experience (without a supermarket receipt in sight).

In a show masterminded by graduating theatre-makers from the CASS, New Beginnings Art Festival promises to be a fresh, quirky showcase of performances.

A combination of live art, performance, devised pieces and acclaimed plays will see you be transported through shifting settings. From a 19th century house in the fjords of Norway, to a teenage bedroom in 1990s Romford, guests will also visit a bar in-between worlds, a suspended botanical garden, a grave, and a space of orbiting numbers.

And if none of that has caught your attention, tickets are £5, or free for students – so there’s really no excuse not to nip in and have a look.

The festival is showcasing from the 10th-12th May at 7:15PM. If you fancy it (and, I mean, it sounds miles better than the yellow triangle), click here for tickets.

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