Why it’s okay not to have a plan (from a girl that’s only just made a plan).

If you’re reading this, then I’m truly grateful that you’ve stuck around. It’s been no secret that I’ve been MIA on here for half of the year, and I could give you a million excuses, but I’m sure you have neither the time nor patience (plus I wrote a lot of it here). So instead, let’s crack on with today’s post, shall we?

My latest excuse for not blogging has been because I’ve been incredibly busy lately. Why, you ask? Well, I only decided to enrol on a bloody Masters course didn’t I. Me. Sophie ‘that’s it, I’m done with education, I can’t wait to never be assessed again‘ Cockerham. And you know what? I’m having an absolute ball.




This all stemmed from me leaving uni and not really having a direction to follow. I can’t lie, at the start of the summer, my mental health was in a bit of a state. I’d finished my degree, but after the initial ‘yaaaaaas I’m freeeee’ period, things started to go downhill very quickly. I was a bit of a lost (albeit less adorable) puppy, and spent a lot of the time crying and getting angry at myself for not forward thinking and sorting out a ‘life plan’ for when I’d finished my studies. Yes, that’s another reason for my lack of posting, but fear not, friends, because this has a somewhat happier (yet much more stressful) ending.

I never had a plan. But when I regularly started writing blogposts in February of this year, I knew that I would love to make a career out of doing something similar. ‘Ping’ went the lightbulb in my little head, and hey presto, I had my heart set on being a journo. Then I had to face the problem that because I was so late to the game, I had no work experience aside from my corner of the Internet, so was at a loose end once more (hence all the shouting and bawling this summer).




Although I’ve vowed time and time again to be on time/more organised, I applied for this course in a typically last minute fashion, and, lo and behold, was frickin lucky enough to be given a place. After a rough ol’ summer, I feel like my life’s finally got a bit of direction to it, and I can begin to slot the things I love back into a lifestyle that I’m completely thrilled with (to be honest, I’m not so thrilled about the 6am starts, but good things never come easy, right?).

The moral to this whole saga is that even when things feel shit, they’re usually not as shit as they seem in your head. I knew I was causing a lot of concern by being mopey and lost (I mean, truth be told, I was pretty concerned about myself), but I just needed to take a step back, pull off a risky stunt like applying for a course two weeks before the start date (well done Soph), and I feel like I’ve got my life back.

A plan’s grand, but if it’s the wrong plan for you, just sack it off and create a plan B. Or Plans C, D, E and F. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you do the right thing for yourself.

That got a bit deep, didn’t it?

Again, cheers for your patience and for continuing to read, even when I post drivel like this. I have a lot of train journeys to make so hopefully I can get myself in gear and back into the usual ‘two posts a week’ malarkey.

Soph x


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