Eight things that make me happy.

So as some of you may already be aware, the 16th of May is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. This year’s theme is ‘relationships’, which can mean anything: the relationships you have with your friends, family, partner, work or school mates, and- most importantly- with yourself. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d share a few things that make me feel bloody happy when I’ve got a face like thunder.

  • Binge-watching a tv show.

After spending all week writing (sorry, polishing) an essay that was due in on Friday, I treated myself to a couple of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I wouldn’t say that this made me particularly happy, because I cried like a small child for the majority of it, but I love that programme so much. Painting my nails and watching Grey’s was an excellent way to celebrate handing in my last ever uni essay (wild, I know).

  • Thursday afternoon boxing.

I’ve spoken before about how much I enjoy going boxing (read about that here), but Thursday afternoon’s just aren’t the same without Shai and I knocking seven bells out of each other. We’re so alike and we always have a laugh, despite her nearly taking my arms of with every punch. I can’t bang on about it enough, and it’s one of the things that I will miss most about Liverpool. (Shai, I hope you’re reading this so you can tell your mom that you’re in another blog post hahaha).

  • Smiling at other people.

There’s this guy on my street that Sam and I have nicknamed ‘Santa’ (we’ve since found out that his name’s Robert, but that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it). Yes, he has the white beard and the little glasses, but he’s also the jolliest person that I’ve ever met. Come rain or shine, he’s always up for a chat about the weather, and seeing him puts the biggest smile on my face because he’s just so nice. Smiling at people costs nothing and makes you feel amazing- if they don’t smile back, then more fool them for being a miserable bastard. I’ve found that Scousers are generally so friendly, and it takes no effort at all to put on your biggest grin and say ‘morning’ to the man walking his dog at the bottom of the road. Smiling brightens your mood, but it often puts others in a better mood, too.



Up to my neck in it… still smiling.


  • Writing something that I’m proud of. 

As I’ve already mentioned, Friday was the day I handed in my last ever coursework essay. Of course, I had to practically sprint to the School of the Arts office because I’d seriously misjudged how much time I had left, but I’m really chuffed with what I handed in and I hope that my mark reflects that (touch wood). I get that same feeling when writing on my blog: I never publish anything that I’m not 100% happy with, because if it’s crap, then what’s the point? It may not go down well with everyone else, but as long as I know I’ve put all my effort into it, then it’s something I can be proud of.

  • The buzz of playing a really good gig.

On Saturday, I played a gig with my band and it was frickin’ incredible. I got home and couldn’t sleep until about 3am because I had so much adrenaline. I hate getting to soundcheck and feeling like a bit of a spare part, getting in the way while the others haul their equipment and instruments about (perks of being a singer), but getting on stage and playing a really good gig makes it all worth it. I love the boys and all their weird little quirks, and I’m so thankful that I have such talented friends.



Basking in the glory of winning the 2016 Battle of the Bands.


  • Seeing my family and friends after a few weeks aways from them.

I love uni and I love the life and friends that I have here, but going home for the weekend when I haven’t visited in a couple of weeks is ace. It’s knackering, because I try and cram as many things as possible into a couple of days, but it’s so worth it. The last time I went home, I was forced to listen to Beyoncé’s new album by my best friend (not my cup of tea, but hey ho, it made her happy), I ate burgers and binge-watched Hustle on Netflix with my boyfriend, my mam and I had a potter around our new village before having a sit down in the sun, and I spent time with my dad and lovely grandma (who, on this particular occasion, seemed to have more marbles than she usually does, which was brilliant). My workaholic, stressaholic little sister made a fleeting appearance, and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with her when she’s finally exam-free (you got this, Lil.)

  • The sun. 

I’m not fussy about where I am. It could be an exotic destination, it could be strolling through the streets of town. As long as the sun peeks it’s head around the corner, I am more than happy. I got a bit spendy the other day and bought about a million summer clothes (what was that about taking my own advice??) because the sun had dared to come out for about five minutes. Catching some rays just instantly put me in a good mood, and I can’t wait to make some more amazing memories this summer.

  • Being proud of the people I care about most.

The other day, one of my friends dealt with some pretty terrible news. And instead of weeping in a corner like I would’ve done, she faced up to it and went above and beyond as she always does in situations like that. This goes for all of my friends and family: whether it’s something little, or something huge, feeling proud of the people I care about makes me realise just how lucky I am to know them. That feeling when your heart’s so full it could burst, and you want to tell everyone how great they are… there’s nothing better, and I’m a much better person for knowing such incredible people.



Some of us lot, feat. Cale’s granny.


So there you have it, eight lovely reasons that make me feel tip-top. Some are mundane, some are a bit more meaningful, but they all make me feel great, and that’s the point. As long as you feel good, then nothing else matters.

Hope you’ve had a happy Monday (not in the Bez sense), and that you have an excellent week!

Soph x



  1. Sarah Lauren
    May 20, 2016 / 1:35 pm

    This is such a beautiful post and inspired me to write something similar.
    We all need a little help remembering the things that keep us smiling rather than focusing on the negatives!

    Such a beautiful blog, thanks for sharing with me 🙂
    Sarah xo // see the stars/a>

    • cockaaz
      May 20, 2016 / 1:46 pm

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it and it gave you some inspo! You’re right, it’s so easy to focus on the bad things, but a little positivity goes a long way 🙂 xxx

    • cockaaz
      June 4, 2016 / 10:33 am

      Thank you 😀 x

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