What a waist: my opinions/review on waist training.

Ahh, waist training. The Kim K-fuelled hype that everyone wants to try, all in aid of that ‘perfect’ hourglass figure. Last year, I too was sucked into this trend (I mean, of course I was, if there’s a fad then I’m usually the mug that tries it out); and so I thought I’d write my honest opinions of the experience.




My stomach area is the one I’m most self-conscious of: I’ve never been comfortable with it, even when I was slim everywhere else. As you already know, I’ve tried several things to flatten this part of my body (you can read about my Protein World experience here), and, after extensive research, waist training looked so promising. ‘Eat well, train well, wear your corset and you’ll get a flat stomach’- simple. But there’s a lot of things that my research failed to tell me…

The first is how uncomfortable wearing a waist trainer is. At first I was so eager, and I actually enjoyed the ‘sucked in’ feeling it gave me: my waist was more defined and my stomach was flatter. However, after about twenty minutes, it was unbearable. I remember once wearing it to a lecture, and aside from my posture being excellent due to being unable to slump over (which is sometimes an inevitability when sitting through a talk on Old English), I couldn’t wait to rip the thing off me when I finally got home.

Another thing that I constantly see on Instagram is people that wear their trainers to work out in. Now, I have one question for these people, and that is HOW. How on EARTH do you exercise properly when you can’t even bend over, let alone complete a full work out?! Because the trainer’s so tight, I could barely breathe whilst running, and had potentially the most unsuccessful gym visit ever.


Kim K is Queen of the Corset.


So at this point, I couldn’t wear my waist trainer to lectures or the gym, so I took the next logical step (sense the sarcasm): wearing my corset to bed. I’d read that this wasn’t the best thing to do, as it can be dangerous for your organs when you’re asleep, blah, blah, blah… Oh how I wish I’d listened to these warnings when I kept waking up at 2am, struggling to breathe and desperately trying to tear the thing off me.

I eventually stopped wearing my waist trainer after attending physiotherapy. To cut a long story short, I had developed tendinitis due to over-exercising, but also because I was wearing the bloody waist trainer. When I explained what I was doing to the physio, she told me to stop immediately and looked at me like I was mad. Which I am, but I didn’t want her to notice so soon.

My waist trainer is now gathering dust in the back of my wardrobe. Like every fad I buy into, I cannot believe what an idiot I was yet again for getting sucked into something so potentially dangerous. This all happened in February 2015, when I was in the grip of an eating disorder, so I wasn’t thinking straight- only about the quickest way I could lose weight. However, I urge anyone that wants to buy a corset to think twice before doing so: yes, there is evidence to prove that waist training can help to define your middle, but so can a healthy diet and exercise. Learn from my mistakes and stop looking for short cuts: they’re not worth it in the long run!

Have you tried waist training? What are your thoughts?

Soph x

P.S. Sorry for being so lax on the posts this week!



  1. March 31, 2016 / 8:08 pm

    Ah, this post makes me feel so sad. I feel so compassionate for you and your struggles with an eating disorder. I, too, have been there and may again in the future (who knows). The extremes women and particularly, young women, go through to achieve artificial ideals of beauty is outrageous to me. If we truly think about health and longevity, we all know the one consistent answer or “secret” if you will is a nutritious diet, a sustainable exercise regimen and a stress reduction plan. Corsets don’t fit in here at all!! Oh the rage I have for the producers of these products, and the celebrities who don them for all their young, impressionable fans. It is truly irresponsible in my opinion. Thank you for sharing your point of view from someone who did try it and yet doesn’t feel great about doing so!

    • cockaaz
      April 5, 2016 / 1:29 pm

      Ugh it’s horrible isn’t it! I think we search for miracle products or quick fixes because it’s easier in the short term. Thank you so much for reading! x

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