Dust diets: my experience with ‘Protein World’.

I had learnt the hard way to steer clear of ‘quick fix’ diets. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, in February 2013 I started a SlimFast diet, and managed to lose over a stone- but obviously this wasn’t sustainable long-term, and so once the diet ended, the weight I had lost piled back on again, plus more. However, because I’m not a very patient person, I wanted something that would give me faster results- and that’s when I stumbled upon the brand ‘Protein World’, and their ‘Slender Blend’ package.

At first, the plan was great: I’d get up on a morning, have a shake with water, do the same for my lunch and then have a healthy tea. I loved the flavour and the ease of not having to do much in order to ‘eat’ two meals (with the added bonus of the minimal washing up!). The weight was flying off, I would recommend the diet to whoever could stand me blabbering on about it, I even got my mum on it, for Christ’s sake. And then the weightloss stopped. I felt crap, and I was tired all the time from not having enough energy, yet still spending hours in the gym everyday because my weightloss was at a standstill and I wanted to lose more. I was confused and frustrated: ‘why wasn’t I losing weight?? It can’t possibly be the shakes, they were working so well! There must be something wrong with me!!’. I now understand that my body was in bloody starvation mode  because I was eating little more than 700 calories a day, plus over-working my body in the gym.

The problem that I have isn’t specifically with Protein World, it’s with any sort of weightless plan that promotes something other than healthy eating and exercise. The problem that I do have with Protein World is that it is marketed as ‘protein’: knowing little about nutrition when I was first getting into health and fitness, but also learning from my past experiences, I was eager to steer clear of any meal replacements; however, when I saw something that was labelled as ‘protein’, I automatically assumed that it would be good for me. Like, ‘oh, I know little about what foods to eat, but I know that carbs and fat are the devil and protein is the one thing that I need’. So I jumped on a bandwagon that is endorsed by photoshopped ‘celebrities’, and ended up being more miserable and frustrated with myself and my poor body because it wasn’t doing the things that I wanted it to do.

Although I can’t blame it fully (as I know there must be an internal trigger that caused it too), I have to give partial blame to this diet for my eating disorder. If I strayed from the strict diet, I would feel bad about myself, convinced that it was these small ‘cheats’ that were impacting on my lack of weightloss, not the shakes themselves. I was starving myself, seeing no results, and still buying heaps of protein because I was convinced that it should be working for me. I know that I wasn’t a smart consumer, but I really feel that the company is partly to blame.

I urge anybody to steer clear of not only this diet/brand, but also of any other meal replacement diet. If you are patient, and have a good, consistent workout/eating plan, you will lose weight. Don’t be brainwashed like me into partaking in ‘dust diets’: they’re so dangerous for your physical and mental health, and can have lasting effects on your body as well. I’m disgusted that this industry is even allowed to exist; but as long as it does, we can be cleverer in what we buy and what we choose to put in our bodies.

Ta for reading,

Soph x



  1. June 1, 2016 / 12:08 pm

    This is such an interesting read. I don’t know anything really about these diet shakes but I would have assumed like you did that the protein in them was more important than filling your body with carbs etc. Makes me so angry to see brands promoting unhealthy lifestyles through their products!

    • cockaaz
      June 4, 2016 / 10:30 am

      This week they’ve actually come under fire for having more carbs than advertised too… so not only has the restrictive diet led to disordered eating for me, it actually wasn’t what it said on the tin either! Disgusting that they can get away with it x

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