Review: ‘Shock Absorber’ sports bra.

I bought my last ‘hardcore’ sports bras (one with real support, unlike those flimsy ones for small-boobed girls) way back in February 2012. I’ve grown up with various ‘boob-related’ nicknames, for the simple reason that I am not flat-chested. That’s not me bragging about it, by the way, because everyone I know would tell you how much I hate the size of my boobs; in fact, they were part of the reason I finally motivated myself to lose weight- I  wanted to clothes to fit them. The particular sports bras I bought were a size 36G, and, after getting measured by a lovely lady in M&S last week, I was in dire need of some new ones after losing four inches from my chest.

After much research (scouring the internet/watching YouTube vids), I toddled off to Bravissimo to see what they had to offer. If you don’t know, Bravissimo caters for bigger-busted girls, selling various sizes and brands… but one of the main reasons I’m a fan of this company is because the underwear is actually really pretty, unlike other brands which assume big boobs= beige (yawn). I don’t know why, but I often get really embarrassed when going to buy underwear, but the girls in the shop are always really helpful and answer any questions you could possibly throw at them.

I tried a few bras on (doing the obligatory ‘running on the spot’ in the changing room), before deciding to buy the ‘Max Sports bra by Shock Absorber’ (buy it here). I’d seen Essie Buttons YouTube vid on this bra, and I think her exact expression was that it ‘locks and loads your boobs into place’. It has two clasp fastenings on the back, which makes it very good for high impact activities such as running or HIIT workouts.

I demoed my new bra earlier today in a HIIT workout, and it was fab! I went down a capsize (to a FF) when purchasing this bra, as I wanted minimal movement from my pesky chest whilst working out, but I really can’t complain about this bra at all. I feel confident when I’m wearing it, and not embarrassed or concerned that my boobs are flying everywhere- they’re not going anywhere, so now nothing can distract me from my hill sprints! (drat.)

Hope you found this review useful,

Soph x


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