Today I’m having a bit of a down day. I went home this weekend, and though it was lovely, I ate fairly unhealthily and binged last night. Whilst this isn’t a big deal for most, binging puts my head in a bad place, and now I feel like I’m back… View Post

At the start of the academic year (September 2015), I made a resolution to have at least one ‘meat-free’ day a week. Perhaps I was inspired by Sir Paul McCartney’s plea on YouTube (please watch that because it’s potentially my favourite video in the world, I guarantee it’ll cheer you up),… View Post

Once upon a time, I was a very, very active young girl. I danced four times a week, participating in competitions and exams; I was a part of Rothwell ‘E’ Group swimming club, training four times a week; I attended ice skating lessons; and I was also part of local tennis, badminton,… View Post